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Krishna Pagadala krishnaact@yahoo.com
Mon Mar 29 17:36:56 IST 2004

> 2)in linux community is there someone controls the
> development and expansion of the open source free
> software(someone who is the pathfinder).if there
> isn’t anyone don’t u think ultimately there will be
> fragmentation of linux like it happened in the
> past with Unix.

There is strength in diversity, it is better not
having  someone control free software top down.

In fact GPL was created by FSF to give each individual
the freedom to do whatever it is that pleases them,
free software is the anti-thesis of centrailzation,
and the reason for its success.

Unix cannot be compared to GNU/Linux because of its
closed nature, lockins etc. 

> Secondly why is there no democratic body at the
> core which oversees development of software in open
> source arena I am talking especially about linux
> development.A democratic body if formed would not
> only help development of software and oversee it but

> at the same time convenience people that linux is
> going to get fragmented like Unix did and rise
> confidence in minds of the common user about linux 
> and open source which could further be strengthened 
> by the participation of linux user groups.

There are plenty of groups trying to take GNU/Linux in
various directions, to meet various needs. One size
does not fit all.

> 3)The companies supporting free software&open
> source are supporting with what motives is quite
> questionable. Is it to bring down a monopoly or
> make their own (this refers to the current battle
> between big blue & Redmond giant.and the takeover of

> SUSE Linux by IBM and NOVELL)

You are right in questioning the motivations of those
companies. Corporations have only one motive, and that
is profit. I would not be paying so much attention to
their antics. The code is still under free software
licenses and as long as we avoid their closed software
they cannot enslave us in another monopoly.

> 4)After the SCO case I think developers who
> develop open source software and especially linux 
> must come together, sit and decide that further such

> an event does not happen.(it may not affect linux
> open source community but it does drive out
> who are ready to embrace linux by bringing suspicion
> in their minds.)

Reminds me of a quote by Gandhi

"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then
they fight you. Then you win."

SCO has $$$, and the media will print whoever has $$$.

The free software people have done and continue to do
what they can, see my website for Eben Moglen's speech
that is periperally about SCO. There is a lot of
awareness that needs to be spread, please join and
help the free software movement, by being a torch

> 5) Why is everyone trying to make a new package
> (distribution) of linux by adding or deleting some
> applications and some core requirements .Do people
> need more distributions of linux or applications.

There are two reasons one good and one bad.
The bad one is that the corporations want to sell
something, remember "profits". And differentiation
(brands) is one of the ways that they use to convince
people to shell out money.
The good one is that different people have different
needs and I think having a diversity of distributions
that meet these needs is a good thing.

> The same goes with applications. How many music
> players is a person supposed to install on his 
> pc.then why develop so many players instead come 
> togethar and develop a music player which is 
> absolutely mind boggling in terms of features. 
> Wouldn’t this be more preffered?

Again it comes down to needs and diversity. Different
people find different things as useful. Monopolies and
monocultures are not good from a long term point of

A few general remarks.

I think that you have not fully understood the value
of Freedom, I found that reading "Free Software Free
Society" by RMS to be a great influence on my
understanding of Freedom of software.

Also I see that you have intermixed Free Software and
Open Source, they are completely different
philosophies. Open Source folks believe that knowledge
can be owned, whereas Free Software movement believes
that knowledge should not be owned, and that everybody
should have the freedom to use knowledge in any way
they see fit.


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