[Fsf-friends] YaST to be set free

Rakesh Ambati rakesh_ambati@yahoo.com
Wed Mar 24 01:23:47 IST 2004

hi list,

"Novell management tool going open source" screams the
 CNET News.com heading.

ho,raman I thought Yast was developed by SuSe,how
silly of me.Well,hat's off to Novell for paying $210
million __just__ for heading on a news site.<wow>

Didn't Novell buy its way through network management
s/w and *nix in '93.

Novell buys...
              that's the bottom line.


--- Senthil_OR@Dell.com wrote:
> >>SUSE YaST to be released under the GNU GPL by
> Novell.  
> >>http://news.com.com/2100-7344-5175682.html
> Novell is coming up with quite a good things for
> Free Software/Open
> Source Programmers.
> Did you come across http://forge.novell.com ?
> /. Is bearing lotta news abt it. Seems they are
> working on integrating
> Gnome and Kde.
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