[Fsf-friends] Hacker Survey

Senthil_OR@Dell.com Senthil_OR@Dell.com
Wed Mar 24 13:28:29 IST 2004

Like various Corporates have surveys and analyses,Boston Consulting in
collab with OSDN has come with a Hacker Survey. It is available here:
http://www.osdn.com/bcg/  ( Under GNU FDL)

The thing I observed was, the prominient reasons for people involving
with Free Software/Open Source is  
" It is Intellectually Simulating and  and  it improves Skills".

Other noticeable points were:

- 98% are males ( :( if in college &  :) if in school )
- India has a very small proportion as compared to US and Germany.

Feel Free to Comment.


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