[Fsf-friends] Giving and taking credit

Ramanraj K ramanraj@md4.vsnl.net.in
Fri Mar 19 21:38:12 IST 2004

  Raghavendra Bhat wrote:

>Ramanraj posts:
>>Since you ask for credentials in terms of contributions made
>Please ignore such requests!  Requests made to show credentials about
>one's contributions should be ignored and no respect should be given to
>the person/entity making such a request.  The main reason is that many
>guys/gals are making huge, significant amount of contributions
>anonymously; under fictitious names/handles.  I know such persons and
>they do it just for the sake of free software, to increase the
>knowledge-base of the existing pool.
We cannot admire people who contribute anonymously under fictitious 
names or handles - mainly because it is a clear sign of weakness or 
shyness to take responsibility for the code they write.  In most major 
free software projects, names of contributors are listed, along with 
email ids, and a pointer to the code blocks written or maintained by 
them.  The reason for this is obvious - we can report bugs quickly and 
have them fixed with minimum effort, and besides this practice 
automatically gives due credit to those who have written the code.

BTW, I would remember and respect Rakesh Ambati until my last, for all 
his meaningful words which cannot be ignored.  

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