[Fsf-friends] Open Source Tactics

Ramanraj K ramanraj@md4.vsnl.net.in
Thu Mar 18 22:05:15 IST 2004

  Atul Asthana @ home wrote:

>I guess, we need to draft a letter which brings out the comparitive advantages of using open source in the government. We also need to ensure that OSS becomes part of school and college syllabi.
>We can then publish the letter on various lists and let people choose as to what their concerns are.
Hmm..  Again, a deluge of postings advocating `Open Source' through the 
fsf-friends mailing list.

The Open Source Initiative is a tactic to market Free Software 
principles.  Now what?  The open source fans are trying their tricks 
here - trying to advocate and dump their contrived Open Source rhetoric 
all over the FSF-India mailing list.   Probably the open source 
tacticians should all join together and start the Open Source Initiative 
- India chapter.  What a shame that we have to put ideas into their 
heads.  Oh, have no fear.  Our open source friends don't really read and 
understand what we write here. As usual, we could expect them to be dumb 
about our protests and watch them continue with their usual tactics to 
post unwelcome and inappropriate postings to this list in a casual and 
brazen manner, ignoring the reasons why their `open source' label is not 
fit to describe free software. [visit: 
http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-software-for-freedom.html  ]

Recently slashdot reported a story `five' years old, in which Eric 
Raymond  says:

/The real disagreement between OSI and FSF, the real axis of discord 
between those who speak of "open source" and "free software", is not 
over principles. It's over tactics and rhetoric. -  

Enough of these tactics.  Let us please stick to plain principles with 
free software.


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