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Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan gnu@vsnl.net
Tue Mar 16 23:45:37 IST 2004

 || On Sun, 14 Mar 2004 19:08:20 +0530
 || Rajkumar S <s_raj@flashmail.com> wrote: 

 s_raj> If only some of the more lunatic members of FSF India Director board
 s_raj> get this message.

 s_raj> People sitting in responsible positions should never forget that what
 s_raj> they post in the list is *the official* FSF India position on any
 s_raj> matter. Imagine the "good" publicity we would have got in slashdot, if

How do you know that the poster you replied to is holding an office in FSF 
India ? Where in gnu.org.in/fsf.org.in is it published? I can't find it. If
this is not "published" information, how come only afew people have this
information? Is this information propreitary??? Oh, may be you too are one
among those "officials".

No one (other than those privilaged few) in this list know about who is FSF
India's official members and who is not, as it is not published. So how come
it will taken as *the official* position of FSF India?

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