[Fsf-friends] INDIA: Text books are on the Net in Kerala... for the asking

Ramakrishnan Muthukrishnan gnu@vsnl.net
Tue Mar 16 22:53:21 IST 2004

 fred> Open courses and e-learning 
 fred> K.G. Kumar                       
 fred> SOMETHING revolutionary is happening in Kerala's education sector. From the
 fred> next academic year (2004-05) onwards, all textbooks for students of Class 10
 fred> will be available on the Internet.  Textbooks for students studying in
 fred> Kerala where Malayalam or English is the medium of instruction are already
 fred> available online.

 fred> In 1999, MIT Provost Robert A. Brown asked the MIT Council on Education
 fred> Technology to provide strategic guidance on how MIT should position itself
 fred> in the distance/ e-learning environment. The resulting recommendation led to
 fred> the idea of MIT OpenCourseWare (MIT OCW), which made available on the Net
 fred> materials from virtually all of MIT's undergraduate and graduate courses.


Reminds me of my school days. One of the questions in Malayalam subject was to
write an essay on Cow. One was supposed to write about features of Cows and its
many many products etc, but many of us didn't get more than afew sentences. So
we wrote after the first para that "cow is usually tied to coconet trees. Coconut
trees are found in Kerala. Coconut has many byproducts which can be used for...
... ..." The story ends with more on coconut than about the "subject".

Fred, please refrain from such misleading subjects and even more misleading
articles. Also please make sure you read what you forward.

God Bless Journalism!
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