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Open courses and e-learning=20
Something revolutionary is happening in Kerala's education sector.=20
>From the next academic year (2004-05) onwards, all textbooks for
students of Class 10 will be available on the Internet. Textbooks=20
for students studying in Kerala where Malayalam or English is the=20
medium of instruction are already available online.

Wasting water, wasting energy =20
What if water and energy problems in urban India were linked? Water,
when reaching your home, has travelled and contains quite a bit of=20
energy, on which one can save. Techniques do not exist on their own,=20
they are embedded into the governance of cities. =20

Use ICT to bridge digital divide=20
The agenda was to use information and communication technology=20
(ICT) to bridge the digital divide and the goal was to help achieve the=20
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that the United Nations has=20
mandated for a better world. And that's what OneWorld South Asia's=20
two-day third regional meet in New Delhi  was all about.=20

The Digital Revolution and Ghana=92s journey towards e-economy
Today, we are witnessing a new revolution that will shape the=20
knowledge society of the 21st century =93Digital Revolution=94 driven=20
by the accelerating convergence between the Internet, broadcast=20
media and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), this
revolution indeed affects all aspects of our life- the way we learn,=20
work and communicate with each other as well as the way governments=20
interact with civil society.


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