[Fsf-friends] QT Designer

Raghavendra Bhat ragu@vsnl.com
Sat Mar 13 11:36:18 IST 2004

Mahesh posts:

> We should keep clear of all  software with any kind of restrictions

And the  List Admin/s should carefully  watch out for  such emails which
get posted as suggestions as to  the use of non-free software.  Guys who
post  such  confusing  emails  suggesting  the  use  of  `Open  Source',
`Freeware', `Shareware' etc. should be  put on our watch list and repeat
offenders' mail should be blocked.

Certain repeat  offenders are  posting mails of  the `Open  Source' kind
here.  They are confusing the free software users here, these have to be
blocked and should not be allowed in.

ragOO	 Amateur Radio	VU2RGU

We think  that software is not a  product, because we do  not believe in
excluding  people  from  it.   We  think  that software  is  a  form  of
knowledge -- Eben Moglen

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