[Fsf-friends] More on level, Napster, US federal agencies, Gartner, driver support

Frederick Noronha (FN) fred@bytesforall.org
Thu Mar 11 02:52:47 IST 2004

WINDOWS/LINUX fight moves to the cash register
Geek.com - USA
Microsoft and Linux are competing on more and more levels these days. A
report by IHL Consulting Group released this week shows ...
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NAPSTER Calls on Linux
PC World - USA
... The application uses eServer BladeCenter systems from IBM that run
on Linux and allows digital music files from Napster to be stored in on-site
servers rather ...
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OPEN-SOURCE gets serious: A new window on Linux
USA Today - USA
Thanks to its streamlined and relatively secure core, the Linux operating
system has gradually been winning a place on servers in federal agencies.

GARTNER CIO Update: Linux in the Enterprise
Tekrati (press release) - Belmont,CA,United States
Gartner finds that as Linux climbs the enterprise ladder, it is becoming
more commercial and is moving away from the ideal of being cost- and risk-free.

NATIONAL Instruments adds motion control Linux driver support
Linux News - USA
Virtual instrumentation specialist National Instruments has developed commercial
Linux drivers for its motion controllers, and has added Linux support
to its ...

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