[Fsf-friends] Training in Free Software

Manilal manilal@sepsit.org
Fri Mar 5 13:31:19 IST 2004

V. Sasi Kumar said:
> During a visit to Kozhikode recently, there was a request from several
> people for a training programme in GNU/Linux for common people there.
> The question asked was whether FSFI would be willing to start such a
> course. I had to reply that I would find out and get back to them. A
> on-day training of the kind that C-DIT is offering at Thiruvananthapuram
> is what they are looking for. Would any organisation or group of
> individuals be willing to try?

C-DIT will conduct One-Day training on GNU/Linux outside
Thiruvananthapuram  also. But there should be a minimum no.of candidates
and the facilities should be provided. Ask them to contact C-DIT at the
address below

Team Leader,
Open Source Technology Team,
Centre for Development of Imaging Technology,
City Centre,
Chittezham Lavanya,
Thiruvananthapuram - 695001
Phone (Office) ++91-471-2335995, 2339539


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