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Mahesh T. Pai
Thu Mar 4 13:37:56 IST 2004 said on Thu, Mar 04, 2004 at 12:40:54PM +0530,:

 > 3. SCO is to provide and identify all specific lines of code from
 > Unix System V from which IBM's contributions from AIX and Dynix are
 > alleged to be derived. 
 > 4. SCO is to provide and identify with specificity all lines of
 > code in Linux that it claims rights to. 

Heee ... heeee ....

I am  literally rolling  on the floor,  laughing, after  reading other
news about SCO.

They  are  suing  Daimler-Chrysler  for violation  of  *UNIX*  license
agreement;  and  another  little   known  (in  India)  company  called
Autozone.  The suit against Autozone  is for *use* and *possession* of
Linux  (kernel). (Of  course, SCO  will call  it the  `Linux Operating

Now,  if Linux-the-kernel  had only  a single  copyright  holder, with
sufficient backup  resources (like the  FSF), jokes like  the Autozone
suit could have been effectively countered.

The other good news from groklaw is that in yet another vindication of
validity  and strength  of  the GNU  GPL,  Fujitsu-Siemens, makers  of
wireless routers  have settled (yet  another out of  court settlement)
the dispute with  iptables/netfilter project.  Sources for WLAN-Router
AP 600 RP-USB, will be published under GPL.

Icing on the cake???

Fujitsu-Siemens  will make  a  donation of  undisclosed  size to  Free
Software Foundation Europe.

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