[Fsf-friends] malayalam-0.8 latex

suresh p p.suresh@hotpop.com
Thu Mar 4 00:06:07 IST 2004


The malayalam latex is a welcome thing for typesetting in our malayalam
language.The "rachana" fonts used for this is also very good as it is a
nice font package and now "rachana" fonts are released under GPL.(I am not
sure about the licensing terms of "keli" fonts).But I feel that some glyphs
for 'koottaksharam's(conjunts) in the "rachana" fonts aren't  used at all.

But I am vary about the "mm" preprocessor( from Malayalam-tex 1.6 by 
Jeroen Hellingman) used by you. Its source is not permitted to distribute
in the modified form without the consent from the author(see the "README"
of Malayalam-tex 1.6).You could have used  the "indica" preprocessor included
with Sinhala_tex.2.1.1 which is licensed under GPL.

I have also made some modifications to the metafont files of the Malayalam-tex
to add some veriety to the fonts.But I am unable to distribute the same because
of the abovementioned clause.Now I have started to create some metafonts which
provides different shapes by changing some parameters.

We should collectively  make an attempt to make the Malayalam-tex released
under GPL.

suresh p

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