[Fsf-friends] Organisational informations

Arun M arun@gnu.org.in
Fri Jun 25 11:30:09 IST 2004

Hi all,

> I'd also like to see some more information about the internals of
> FSF-I before I even think of donating -- names of directors, board
> members and office holders, what are their salaries and allowances,
> articles of association, bank statements, etc.

all the information mentioned here is a bit too much and not necessary
IMHO, however i think there are lot more information which can be made
available. FSF India will be having its general body on 18th July and
will post most of the information after that. 

FSF India is a section 25 company under the companies act. Members and
Directors of FSF India cant be paid for their services directly or
indirectly, with out the approval of central government. No one is paid
till date. Only major travel expenses of members were reimbursed. If any
amount is paid to members FSF India will loose its legal recognition. 

FSF India doesnt have paid office bearer. Till few months back FSF India
had one person working on a government of Kerala supported project. He
supported fsf indian's office activities in part. Most of the day to day
and legal work for FSF India is being done by me.  No fee paid.
Currently organisation has around Rs 40,000 in its account. And public
donation till date comes to around Rs 30,000. 

FSF India is being audited every year, and reports are being field at
the commissioner of Income tax, trivandrum and registrar of companies,
kochi. Audit has been done for 2002-2003, 2003-2004 (FSF India was not a
formal entity when it was launched in 2001). 


PS: I will be slow in replying to mails for next couple of weeks. 

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