[Fsf-friends] [Fwd]: Sign this petition and support free/GNUsoftware

Nagarjuna G. nagarjun@gnowledge.org
Fri Jun 25 09:57:00 IST 2004

On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 08:58, Rajkumar S wrote:
> Nagarjuna G. wrote:
> > FSF India needs money to promote software freedom in our region. 
> > Please donate!
> If specific projects  that requires assistance are mentioned, that has a
> better chance of getting donation.

We need money to make brochures, leaflets, stickers, posters (publicity
material), for travel of volunteers to various places for arranging
programs and talking to different bodies, for attending meetings, for
taking part with networking organizations, for running the office on a
regular basis, for an accountant and auditor, for getting several
articles translated and printed and distributed, for hosting (so that we
remain independent of organizations like TIFR which are built for
meeting different objectives) our websites and mailing lists, for
meeting telephone expenses of the office and on event basis, for office
secretary.  These are all mandatory and unavoidable expenses.  Apart
from this we do need to sometimes compensate for the services of
programmers who helped in executing the projects taken by fsf india. And
now and then for public interest litigations etc.

we  are also launching a membership scheme, publishing and distributing
of goodies like tshirts, etc for regular revenue.

> It will also help if you can post the audited statements of previous
> years, so that (prospective) donors can see that their donations are
> well spend, it will also guarantee that any amount will be spend for
> defending freedom.

Audited accounts could be published or made available at the request at
the registered office, and fsf India will be accountable to the
supporting community.  


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