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Raj Mathur raju@linux-delhi.org
Thu Jun 24 10:46:50 IST 2004

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>>>>> "NG" == Nagarjuna G <nagarjun@gnowledge.org> writes:

    NG> On Thu, 2004-06-24 at 01:09, Raj Mathur wrote:
    >> PlayFair and FSF may have won, but India has lost.

    NG> It was hosted at a place where both the person and the isp
    NG> gave the backing.  India seemed like lost when the host backed
    NG> off, for the reason that isp would not support.  Both the isp
    NG> and the host were in a defendable position (lawyers opinion).
    NG> We needed a courageous person like ab to take to the cause of
    NG> defending software freedom.  In a global fight against
    NG> software freedom we should not bring in nationalities. BTW the
    NG> person who is managing it is an Indian with support from an
    NG> non-indian isp.  I dont see anything wrong as long as software
    NG> freedom is upheld.

This fight was beyond software freedom -- it was (is?) a cry for
upholding of fundamental liberties -- the liberty to write software
that may impact some corporation's profits, the right to disseminate
such software, the right to cryptography, the freedom to use content
in a manner that suits the individual as long as it doesn't break any

In that context, the country is important.  As far as I can see, US
citizens has already yielded up most of these freedoms.  Should we
(Indians) also accept that?  Or should we try to prevent similar
restrictions being placed on us?

If the latter, then it is up to organisations such as the FSF and EFF
to indemnify an ISP against litigation and have PlayFair hosted in
India.  If we lose the case, at least we tried, and if we win it's a
significant step in the direction of personal freedom.

If an organisation is willing to do the indemnification I'd be glad to
support them by (a) donating money and (b) helping locate a service
provider who would host the server.


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