[Fsf-friends] Free Books Publication

Ramanraj K ramanraj@md4.vsnl.net.in
Thu Jun 24 07:23:00 IST 2004

Vijay Kumar Bagavath Singh wrote:

>Just a word of caution. Many free software packages undergo rapid changes, for example Python and GTK+. If we were to print the manuals and tutorials related to these software packages, the printed book will become outdated soon. Yet another thing is that many people will not be willing to buy books for software packages that undergo rapid changes.
Documentation is seldom static and always in a state of flux.   I think 
most buyers of books are either students or those who are fairly new to 
the application.  Though internal implementation of an an application 
may change, the basic user commands remain more or less stable.  The 
focus should be on these core commands, which give life to the 
application. If the books provide material which can give a  firm 
grounding on the broad principles behind applications, with concrete 
examples based on a reasonably current and stable distribution of the 
application, the user can adapt to the changes without difficulty.

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