[Fsf-friends] very poor image

Dileep M. Kumar dileep@gmx.net
Wed Jun 23 10:13:56 IST 2004

On Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 04:53:59AM +0800, Anwar  wrote:

>Also till yesterday the site had a  w3c html mark on it and the check
>had showed it  had 68 errors describing as not  strict, while all the
>others  are described as  not transitional,  with the  errors ranging
>from 3-30.  I am not not sure  if a page could keep its w3c compliant
>logo while having many transitional errors.

Now  www.gnu.org.in/index.html  is  valid  xhtml  1.0  strict.   refer

Regarding the  rest of the pages,  I have created a  template which is
valid html 4.01. 

Once I get the page approved, every thing will be fine. In future also
please  send broken links  and other  corrections (or  suggestions) to
fsf-webmaster (fsf-webmaster@gnu.org.in).

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