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Mahesh T. Pai paivakil@vsnl.net
Wed Jun 23 08:34:21 IST 2004

Anwar said on Wed, Jun 23, 2004 at 04:53:59AM +0800,:

 > FSF  India website. Unfortunately  I am  not a  good designer.

Anwar, FSF-I  is a voluntary  organisation.  _before_ you  make public
statements about volunteers' abilities.  You would be justified if you
had made an  alternative _suggestions_ to solve this  issue. True, you
raised a  complaint that  has apparently not  been rectified,  but did
you provide a solution?

If  you do  not  have a  solution,  do _NOT_  talk about  individuals'
abilities. Confine your complaint to the institution.

 > Also till yesterday the site had a w3c html mark on it

Yes, you definitely have a point  here; the -web archives show that at
least  3  people  have  pointed  out  that the  pages  are  _not_  W3C
compliant.  If W3C  compliance was a problem we  ought to have removed
the logo from the non-compliant pages. But can somebody come up with a
W3C  compliant html  template,  a  w3c compliant  css  and a  sensible
directory heerarchy  for the  FSF pages so  that webmasters'  lives is
made easier?

 > http://mm.gnu.org.in/mailman/listinfo/fsf-*(discuss,friends,...)
 > all had a link to http://mm.gnu.org.in/pipermail/

(This  leaves me scratching  my head  ....)  I  think these  pages are
autogenerated by mailman. IIRC, we had upgraded mailman sometime back.
AFAIK,  GNUmailman has  some problems  importing the  settings  for an
already installed version. Nagarjun did  ask for help with some issues
sometime  back;  but   do  not  know  if  this   particular  issue  is

 > Well the  thing is that  there are other  places that have  link to
 > individual mailing  lists like fsf-friends.  What you  have done is
 > not  rectification but  I  could rather  call  it a  detour to  the
 > archives so that you

Mmmm... do not seem to be multiple symlinks, but contain same info, it
 > How come the fsf keeps amateurs as its webmasters.

coz. we all are amateurs at  one time or other. And volunteers for the
GNU always.
 > Well I not saying that I am good because I dont know much about web
 > designing, but I hate things that are done without perfection.

Not even god  is perfect. If god was perfect, man  would not have been
so imperfect.

Imperfections  are natural outcome  of being  human.  The  solution is
give us concrete suggestions.  Sans  suggestions, at least do not cast
aspersions on individuals who are contributing their mite.

It would be a different case  if you had provided solutions which were
turned down.

Ask not what FSF can do for you. Tell us what you can do for the GNU.

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