[Fsf-friends] News from the fields

ramanraj@vsnl.com ramanraj@vsnl.com
Sat Jun 19 17:12:22 IST 2004

The "Madras Musings" issue dated June 16-30, has carried the following news, which should be noted by all those interested in egov:

Palm leam records of significance were discovered at the Thanjavur Tamil University, documenting a British Survey of 2000 villages in a large area surrounding present day Chennai, a part of Thondamandalam.

They indicated that between 1762 and 1766 there were villages which produced upto 12 tons of paddy a hectare - a level of productivity which is astounding and unachievable today even using the best of Green Revolution methods.  The per capita food in this region of average fertility had been five times more than the average achieved at present.

The secret of our forefathers' success - indigenous knowledge and traditional practices of water conservation! (Dakshinachitra News)

A friend recently reminded me of the ancient wisdom:

"Varappuyara Neer Uyarum,Neer Uyara Nel Uyarum, Nel Uyara Kudi Uyarum, Kudi Uyara Kon Uyarvaan"

I guess no life threatening chloride based pesticides were used then, and also more fields under cultivation meant more evaporation of water and more rains too.  How was the cycle broken and is it possible to return back to such times of plenty and prosperity?  I hope egov experts can get the opportunity to analyse the historical records, and help us to return back to innocence.


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