[Fsf-friends] Celebrating annual day of FSF India

Mahesh T. Pai paivakil@vsnl.net
Tue Jun 15 01:36:11 IST 2004

V. Sasi Kumar said on Fri, Jun 11, 2004 at 12:01:41PM +0530,:

 > to  discuss  our  activities,  so  that we  could  think  of  other
 > activities   in  the   future  at   Thiruvananthapuram,   and  also
 > co-ordinate with  people in other  places who may be  interested in
 > conducting such programmes elsewhere.

Decentralised  celebrations by  local user  groups will,  IMO  be more

And we should concenterate on freedom.

By  July 21st,  Gimp  will 2.1,  unstable  version 2  of  OOo will  be
available, and Scribus will be at  1.3. The Linux kernel 2.6.8 will be
in RC1, and 2.4.28 will be out.

My  September  21, and  for  every third  month  after  that, you  can
increment each version number by 2.

Good thing? Yes. Definitely.

But,  the movement  has to  focus one  issue -  `freedom'.   More than
install fests  and demos, the occassion  should be used  to talk about
freedom and importance of free software.  Once people decide thay want
freedom, the need for instllfest  as means of attracting people to the
GNU will vanish.  But to help them actually use  the software, we need
such demos and fests.

BTW, we keep on forgetting the HURD kernel.

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