[Fsf-friends] Announcing.. Planet FLOSS India

Sayamindu Dasgupta sayamindu@clai.net
Fri Jun 11 23:24:15 IST 2004

Announcing - Planet FLOSS India


Planet FLOSS India is way for everyone to get an idea of what is
happening in the world of Free/Libre/Open Source enthusiasts from India.
It is a window into world, work and lives of FLOSS developers,
contributors and users from India.

Planet FLOSS India draws its inspirations from Planet GNOME, Planet
Debian and the numerous other planets scattered throughout the world
wide web. 

Planet FLOSS India is powered by "Planet", a RSS/RDF/whatnot feed
aggregator. It works by downloading news feeds published by blogs and
aggregates their content together into a single combined feed, latest
entry first. Since it is just a simple aggregator, there is no scope for
editorialising of content, and thus, the entries are not just about
technology, but also about the lives and thoughts and opinions of the
featured FLOSS'ers. 

If you are from India (you need not be physically present in India right
now), and if you blog regularly, please get in touch with me
(sayamindu@randomink.org). Your blog need not be entirely about FLOSS,
we have no issues with you writing about your cat occasionally (heck!
even I do it sometimes). :) To include you in the feed list, I would
need an URL to your blog's XML feed, and your picture (optional, though
highly recommended).

Also, if you know someone who may be a likely candidate for inclusion in
the Planet,  please do let me know.


Sayamindu Dasgupta

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