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Mahesh T. Pai paivakil@vsnl.net
Wed Jun 9 23:47:24 IST 2004

Any comments? 

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 > Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 23:46:31 +0530
 > From: "Mahesh T. Pai" <paivakil@vsnl.net>
 > Subject: please comply with standards
 > To: contmngr-sfio@sb.nic.in
 > Message-ID: <20040609181631.GA5348@nandini.home>
 > Dear Sir(s),
 > This has reference to the home page of th Serious Fraud Investigation
 > Office, (http://www.sfio.nic.in/).
 > The bottom of  your page mentions that ``Site optimised  for 800 X 600
 > monitor resolution, java enabled, IE 4.0 or above.''
 > I feel that as an institution which has to interact with the public it
 > is most improper  of you to `optimise' your pages for  a browser for a
 > particular   operating   system.    Firstly,   it  is   in   no   way,
 > `optimisation'.   You  are  simply  using public  funds  for  carrying
 > advertisement for a particular company.
 > You ought  be aware that the users  of the world wide  web use diverse
 > operating systems  and browsers.  In  order to make things  easier for
 > both developers and  users of the internet, the  W3C consortium (World
 > Wide Web  Consortium) has laid  down certain standards for  web pages;
 > and  it  would have  been  appropriate for  you  to  conform to  those
 > standards.
 > Also, you  will appreciate  that the Internet  is a useful  medium for
 > people with  disabilities to communicate  with the outside  world, and
 > compliance with  the W3C  standards automatically ensures  that people
 > with disabilities  can access your  site (for example, using  a screen
 > reader).  You will appreciate that  as an organ of the government, and
 > an organisation discharging Sovereign functions, you have to adhere to
 > certain standards of fairness and propriety.
 > In fact,  on verification  of your site,  except for  minor variations
 > which affect  accessibility for the  visually disabled, the  pages are
 > by  and  large compliant  to  the W3C  standard.  What,  then, is  the
 > objective of recommending use of a specific browser? 
 > I hope that  you will understand the issue  in its proper perspective,
 > and ensure that your pages fully conform to W3C standards and further,
 > remove references to specific brands of browsers.
 > Hoping early compliance with this request,
 > Thanking You,
 > Sincerely Yours,
 > Mahesh T. Pai,
 > Advocate, `Nandini',
 > SRM Road, Cochin - 682018.
 > Kerala State.

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