[Fsf-friends] GPL-Virus Or Vaccine

Rakesh 'arky' Ambati rakesh_ambati@yahoo.com
Mon Jun 7 04:29:07 IST 2004

Hello there,
--- "Mahesh T. Pai" <paivakil@vsnl.net> wrote:
> Raj, first things first.
> The license at the bottom  does not allow
> modification - something not
> in tune with  spirit of the wiki. Unless you  change
> that license into something like  the GNU FDL, _I_
am  not going to edit  the page. 

Pai vakil, now that you bring this up. I guess we put
all the technical docs under FDL. Any other comments!

> Second, while you have all the  good intentions in
> doing this, I trust
> that you are aware of how  search engines index
> pages. IMHO, it is not
> a good ting  to have words like  GNU and GPL appear
> in  the context of
> `virus'.  People  searching for  information on
> things  like hepatitis
> might end up on this page.

  Well, lunatech you need to clean up on the
title.Apart from the search engine indexing problem
mentioned by pai. I guess " GPL-Virus Or Vaccine"
doesn't do justice to the content of the article.

> A good way  of phrasing this would  to say ``Why
> GPL'', and  add a sub
> section titled `Is the GPL viral'? And a good way of
> going about it is > to start with  defining the term



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