[Fsf-friends] GPL-Virus Or Vaccine

Raj Shekhar rajshekhar@hotpop.com
Mon Jun 7 09:05:36 IST 2004

Hello @ all

I have put an article on the Linux India Wiki called GPL-Virus Or Vaccine .


A common refrain that I keep hearing on the mailing lists and the
websites is how the GNU General Public License (
http://www.fsf.org/licenses/licenses.html#TOCGPL), henceforth referred
to as GPL, is viral. Microsoft, SCO and clueless marketing drones have
added their share of fuel to this smear campaign, making companies and
managers wary of choosing GPL licensed products. A virus is a
parasitic microorganism that can make humans or computers sick;
comparing anything with a virus is a nasty accusation. Usually the
accusers provide no justifications on why has not tried to justify
this accusation. Let us therefore try to investigate whether the GPL
is really like a virus.


Please have a look at it and let me know what you all think. Better
still, you can edit the article (since it is on Wiki) to share your
ideas. If you are new to wiki you can learn on how to use the wiki
from here

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