[Fsf-friends] Free Software Badges

Annamalai Gurusami annamalai.gurusami@email.masconit.com
Fri Feb 27 10:19:51 IST 2004

Rishi Gangoly <rishi@theargoncompany.com> writes:

> I'm thinking maybe wearing these badges may help instigate others to
> ask what this is and that would start the ball rolling?

I was always thinking about this.  Stickers would also be useful.



Time-stamp: <2004-02-09 11:25:51 annamalai.gurusami>

"We distribute our audio files in Ogg Vorbis format. We avoid MP3,
because it is impeded by software patents in some countries. The Ogg
Vorbis format is technologically superior to MP3, and is not
encumbered by patents."


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