[Fsf-friends] KalaKaumudi Article

Manilal manilal@sepsit.org
Fri Feb 20 10:47:59 IST 2004

  An Obscene article appeared in the recent issue of KalaKaumudi(Malayalam
fortnightly, issue no:1485, Feb 15-21). The author of the article Mr.
Madhu Nair(Reporting from New York) criticise Stallman in a very bad
manner. He is making fun of Malayalees and says that Stallman has no
disciples at Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal, TamilNadu and calls
him a "Smallman".
   Actually the article is so obsolete that it's a waste to discuss about
it. Still as it gives a bad impression about Swathanthra Software and
personally criticise Stallman it should be noted.

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