[Fsf-friends] GNU/Linux @ Compass 2004

linux junkies linux_junkies@yahoo.co.in
Mon Feb 16 12:47:22 IST 2004

COMPASS 2004, organised by Computer Association of
Eastern India is One of the biggest IT show in India
(from 13 th Feb to 17 Feb in Kolkata). We, the members
of LINUXjunkies.org have found some interesting facts
on GNU/Linux in this IT show.

1. There are only two participants have GNU/Linux
installed on their PC.Everybody else are using Windows
XP mostly. Whether they are PC vendors, or dealing
with Monitors or Music systems, everybody are using
Windows XP or Windows 98.

Only "aamar PC", the bengal's own branded pc has all
of their pcs redhat 9 pre-installed.

And another vendor, i just can't remember name, has a
Debian preinstalled on it's HCL Beanstalk machine.

2. When we enquired about the GNU/Linux compatible
Printers, we have none. All the vendors said that
printers have nothing to do with OS. but when we
insisted, they said that why we were bothering about
OS. Some of them offered us Windows for Free if we get
printers from them.

3. Some vendors are offering refurbished pcs, with the
price tag of Rs. 5000 to 9000, with Windows 98/XP
pre-installed. When we asked them about the GNU/Linux,
they said that we don't need to use GNU/Linux as they
are giving us Windows for Free ( Pre-installed ).i.e
why you use GNU/Linux if you could get Windows for
Free !

4.Chabria Infotech, one of the biggest s/w vendors of
Kolkata, has a display board at their stall. The board
says " Linux available here" with the logo of all
major linux distros. But when we enquired, we came to
know that they donot have any of linux distros right
there at their stall. We have to order and it will
take at least 5 to 7 days to get the CDs. One
interesting thing was, when we asked for the
price,they said the OEM (!) version of all distro will
cost Rs 500 and Original (!) Full pack will cost
around Rs 3500.

5. When we asked for any games on GNU/Linux, the game
vendors said that they don't have anything for

Well, this the overall picture of GNU/Linux at Compass

Any comments???


aloke majumder
LINUXjunkies Foundation


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