[Fsf-friends] Hi Friends

Annamalai Gurusami annamalai.gurusami@email.masconit.com
Mon Feb 16 11:22:16 IST 2004

Rishi Gangoly <rishi@theargoncompany.com> writes:

> On Saturday 17 Jan 2004 4:33 pm, fjsylvester wrote:
> > Is minix shareable ?
> I have no idea. Try looking at the website and license to see what it says.
> > you may refer my site to any one who wants linux
> Thanks, but I have a site of my own doing exactly that. ;-)
> http://cdrom.gangfam.com 

Yours is very costly when compared to


And none gives the convenience of online payment.  Also why doesn't
FSF India have an official software distribution business?  Is that
out of its scope?



Time-stamp: <2004-02-09 11:25:51 annamalai.gurusami>

"We distribute our audio files in Ogg Vorbis format. We avoid MP3,
because it is impeded by software patents in some countries. The Ogg
Vorbis format is technologically superior to MP3, and is not
encumbered by patents."


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