[Fsf-friends] Hi Friends

Rishi Gangoly rishi@theargoncompany.com
Thu Feb 12 08:36:00 IST 2004

On Friday 16 Jan 2004 7:43 pm, fjsylvester wrote:
>  I have started to vend linux cds
>  with prompt response
>  pls visit
>  http://fijusylvester.tripod.com/mypage.html


I noticed you have listed Redhat CDs up for sale. I'm not sure if Redhat 
permits that. There are issues with redistributing Redhat CDs since it comes 
in the way of their trademark regulations.


I'm not sure about Fedora though... It isn't very clear on their website 
either. I know about another person (www.indiainfotech.org) that got a letter 
from Redhat threatening to sue them since they did not comply with their 
trademark regulations. Since he was still in college, he just deactivated the 
website and shut shop.


This is from the Fedora FAQ...

Q:  	Can I redistribute The Fedora Project?
A:    Yes, and we strongly encourage you to do so. You will need to comply 
with The Fedora Project trademark rules. 

Hope this helps.



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