[Fsf-friends] Institutions Using GNU/Linux

Manilal manilal@sepsit.org
Wed Feb 11 17:41:10 IST 2004

Hello Friends,
   We are trying to make a list of institutions(Public & Private Sector)
which uses/teach GNU/Linux and GPL'd Software in India. Please give as
much details as possible. The details should contain atleast the

Name of the institution
Field(eg. Software development, Education, etc..)
Whether the institution is in Private or Public sector?
Which distribution and version they use?
Contact address
After preparing the list we'll put it in a website. This will be useful
those who wishes to have a career in GPL'd software and related

If anyone have suggestions please include them also. We are not sure
whether such an initiative is made prior to this. If so please provide
such info also.

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