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Frederick Noronha (FN) fred@bytesforall.org
Wed Feb 11 12:44:40 IST 2004

Hi Montosh, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.Permit me to 
forward your mail to the LIH (LinuxIndiaHelp) and FSF-India mailing lists 
since I'm don't have the answers to your tech queries. Stay in touch, FN

On Tue, 10 Feb 2004, null script wrote:

> Can u provide a list of common soft/internal modems which will work in 
> the following distros ==> Red Hat 8/9 stock,Mandrake 8.2/9.1 (single CD 
> version i.e no kernel source),Free BSD 2.5,Knoppix/Lify and Fedora 
> core.Me and many of my friends have these distros installed on our 
> systems but we are forced to surf the net from windows due to the non 
> avalibity of drivers on GNU/Linux.The following is the list of soft/int 
> modems we have.
> Motorola SM56 Voice fax
> Motorola SM56 Speakerphone
> Conextant (Rockwell chipset)
> Dax int modems
> Intex int modems
> Ham int modem found on a Compac system
> I know the ideal answer would be get a hard/ext modem,but pls 
> understand that this is not possible.I am sure many ppl would like to 
> find the same but cannot.
> Also can u suggest some tips & tweaks to make the system work 
> faster.Most of us have old systems 2 to 4 yrs old like K6-2,K6-3,PIIs 
> with a avg of 128Mb ram per system.All the newer distros really crawl on 
> most of the systems.I know the answer would be to upgrade the 
> systems,but not possible.One hack is to use a light and fast manager 
> like Flubox and Icewm but we miss the eye candy that Gnome and Kde 
> provide. Kindly help!!
> I was also very moved by your article "Sharing Dreams ... Seeking Help" 
> LFY Dec 2003.I want to know if anybody is ready to go ahead and share 
> their broad band/fat pipes in India and make new software like 
> GCC,JAVA,latest Kernel sources etc locally present.It is indeed very sad 
> that in India we do not have a single local mirror of any distro or 
> GNU/free software.China and Pak have them but why not India???.Pak even 
> has the local mirror of packetstrom http://packetstormsecurity.org.pk/ 
> why not us. Every day we hear that India is poised to become the next 
> super power in software but how?? when we even do not have proper flow 
> of information and ideas amongst the common user.
> Why don't the big company's donate their old computers to NGOS and 
> educational bodies. Wipe the data from its Hdd and install any of 
> GNU/LINUX on it.Rather that just 'junk' them. Thousands of under 
> prevliged children can benefit from it.I cant understand what's stoping 
> them?
> Ppl who have a latest and greatest systems P4's and AMD -XP's can also 
> help the community by just giving some CPU time for a good cause.They 
> can compile the various popular software for different 'arch' like 
> i586,K6-3 with all the optimization.And load it on the net for the ppl 
> who have old and slow systems to download and use.I for one would very  
> greatful and really appericate the speed boost which such a gesture 
> would do for me.I am sure many users will appericate such a site or 
> users group.I know from bitter experience that compiling some huge 
> package is a nightmare on a slow system.I tried to compile the 2.6 
> kernel on Mandrake 9.1 it took some 6 hrs on my system and still did 
> not work.On a P4 2.4 it took 10 mins. and worked!!! I was foolish enough 
> to try to install gnome 2.4 from the source on my red hat 9.0,after 3 
> days and 3 almost sleepless nights still no luck.I would have been ever 
> grateful if I could just DL the RPM and install it.
> Just some of my thoughts, hope to find some good news.Thanks for all 
> the good work u are doing. All the best.
> Montosh Bisht
> "Hack into The Light"
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