[Fsf-friends] Creating events for journalists

doxa@sancharnet.in doxa@sancharnet.in
Thu Aug 26 10:39:49 IST 2004

>> we focus more on inviting more people to join our mailing lists?
>We should try to bring more people to the list. 
>Regarding journalists what i find is that they dont really understand
>technology. Educating journalists can really help us. If we educate 

Perhaps it would be more better if we created localised "issues", "events" or "stories" for them to write. The journalists need to have some element of "activism" within themselves to carry on with their profession, which many have. In that sense, we are a gifted lot. We should really become a disintegrated lot here, and should be coming out with a multitude of ideas. Journalists only need to be informed. 

We will then see those journalists coming out with their creativity - and "those affected" coming out with their "defensive version" of the story.

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