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Dear Joe,
Also we should send an invitation to all Dailies. Hindu and express are must. Also, we shoud request them to send one of their reporters to our festival and to publish in the Engagements column. People should know something happening.



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I've been away from the list for a while. Personal commitments.

Well, I guess the threads I started about SFD had died out without response.
Its ok. I've worked out a `Free Software Festival'. The GLUG-Mdu members of
TCE and the GLUGOT members are conducting this. I want this to extend beyond
the boundaries of TCE.

We've started work on 'FStival', a Free Software Festival., on August 28.,
the Software Freedom Day. I've updated http://www.glug-madurai.org/
regarding this. We've sent out call letters to neighbouring Engineering
Colleges. I'll sending another batch of call letters to the Arts & Sciences
colleges in and around Madurai. The Hindu had announced about the FStival in
their Friday issue (page 2). So, work has been happening.

The agenda for the FStival is :
    1. 9.30 - 10.30  : Inagural ceremony
    2. 10.45 - 13.00 : Tutorials
    3. 14.00 - 15.00 : Software contest
    4. 11.00 - 17.00 : Free software exhibition

Venue : Thiagarjar College of Engineering, Madurai.

Currently I'm trying to fix a friend of mine from ILUGC to talk about UNIX
and database programming. I've some student volunteers for PHP,and DotGNU.
If any of you would be interested in taking a tutorial session of any topic
please contact me or "fstival@tce.edu". We need to finalise this list by
wednesday. So, if you have something in mind please tell us fast. The topic
can be anything(technical) related to Free Software.

Software Contest:
I know this is coming as a shortnotice. This contest is open for all. You've
to submit your entry before 26-08-2004. The rules are:
->The software should run on GNU/Linux.
->The software should not require a Non-Free library/compiler or any
Non-Free Dependancy for execution.
->The source code of the software should be under a Free software license.

Free Software Exhibition:
This is a collection of stalls showcasing Free Software from various areas.
We've a number of stalls put up by GLUGOT volunteers. However, this is also
open for all. If you want to show anything please contact me or
fstival@tce.edu. We can work it out for you. We are planning to do CD
distribution at the FStival. I have the following distributions with me.

-> Debian Woody
-> Debian Sarge (build: 07-08-2004)
-> RedHat 9
-> KNOPPIX 3.4
-> Tamil KNOPPIX

I'm in the process of downloading TheOpenCD which is a collection of
FreeSoftware for M$Windows. Apart from these, I'd like to have Fedora,
Mandrake and all the other distributions. I'll also get Debian GNU/Hurd. The
CD distribution stall will have a CD-Burner. You'll be charged for the cost
of the CD. Or you can bring in your own CDs and we'll burn it for you.

Another highlight of the exhibition is we are planning to have a
installation stall. We'll up a machine with a choice of distribution CDs.
The visitor can try installing GNU/Linux here before trying at home. This is
purely to help the new people clear out their doubts and to make sure they
wont screw their exisiting system up.

So this is it. The FStival is open for your participation.


-Able was I eRe I saw elbA-

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