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Anand Babu ab@gnu.org.in
Thu Aug 19 08:07:10 IST 2004

,----[ satyakam goswami <satyakam_goswami@yahoo.com> ]
| What kind of resposibilities FSF wants from people like me can you
| eloborate on that , can i start something in delhi itself or is
| there somebody already taking care of those activities.
| cheers
| Satyakam
Raj Mathur - a long time Free Software activist (and a Hacker
himself) is co-ordinating the GNU/Linux Delhi chapter. Raj has
been a model for many Free Software contributors from Delhi. Let us
seek his guidance and support.

Nagarjuna and Arun.M will elaborate the responsibilities for forming
the FSF-Delhi chapter.

Anand Babu
Free as in Freedom <www.gnu.org>

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