[Fsf-friends] Re: [ilugd] apple iPod a tune

Anand Babu ab@gnu.org.in
Thu Aug 5 18:01:54 IST 2004

,----[ Raj Mathur <raju@linux-delhi.org> ]
| <Excerpt> Software developers can use reverse engineering to
| circumvent digital protection of copyrighted material, if they do so
| to achieve interoperability with an independently created computer
| program.  </Excerpt>
| Isn't that precisely what Hymn does?
Harmony makes iPod interoperable with songs purchased from Real's

Hymn allows "Fair Use" of songs purchased from iTMS and makes them
interoperable with any standards compliant software/hardware. 

DMCA grants total dictatorship to the copyright owner and imbalances
the US copyright law. "Fair Use" has become meaningless. Allowing
just interoperability alone isn't enough. Solution is to fix the
DMCA or pass DMCRA. Until then only the court can balance DMCA and
"Fair Use". Real or Apple may rely on their bank balance take on legal
issues, but not us "the public".


Will Real accept if some one comes up with "Unreal" project to remove
the DRM protection of songs purchased from their store :-/ 

Anand Babu
Free as in Freedom <www.gnu.org>

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