[Fsf-friends] Free without ambiguity and overapplicability

Manilal K M manilal@linuxmail.org
Sun Nov 30 12:18:49 IST 2003

Hello everybody, 
   Actually many words in english may have various different meanings in different context.  
This is bound to linguistics rather than software or GPL. 
So is the case with word 'free'. When it cames to software we can use as 'free as in freedom'. 
But we cannot stop the usage such as 'free with this pack'. because it's a common usage. and I agree with eiidp's view that  
GNU should focus on the 'GPL concept'. 
with regards 
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Subject: Re: [Fsf-friends] Free without ambiguity and overapplicability 
> > Freedom is the noun form of the adjective free.  Freedom is derived from 
> > free. 
> The reverse is the fact.  And through this  only a single meaning of the word  
> 'free' is evolved. And that same word 'free' is used for various other  
> purposes.  
> >  What is needed is  curtailment of the abuse of the word "free" by 
> > proprietary software  entities. 
> There is no question of abuse, It is a question of common usage which may vary  
> spatially, sector-wise and cultural-wise.  
> > The whole point is that there is little need to explain the correct and  
> > proper usage by the free software movement. When the words we use exactly 
> > fit and match our matter at hand, our joy doubles. 
> To fit and match it exactly, the explanation should be accompanied.  'Joy' is  
> a state of mind. This can also be attained if one is prepared to accept  
> something else. 
> The most valuable contribution made by GNU to the society is the concept of  
> GPL. The war on words  contriutes little. 
> Regards, 
> Anil 
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