[Fsf-friends] Free without ambiguity and overapplicability

Ramanraj K ramanraj@md4.vsnl.net.in
Sun Nov 30 00:23:12 IST 2003

 > whether free correctly represents freedom

To complete the literal analysis of "free", we may look into the meaning 
of "freedom" also.

Freedom is the noun form of the adjective free.  Freedom is derived from 

Freedom, originally meant free, exempt from, not in bondage, noble, and 
joyful.  The OED gives "freedom" the sense of personal liberty, 
non-slavery, civil liberty, liberty of action, right to do, and 
unrestricted use.

Through free software, we have the freedom to make unrestricted use of 
software.  Through this freedom, it is possible to enjoy our other 
freedoms with less effort.

>Richard Stallman, had made it very clear, that FSF and GNU consider ''free'  
>as most suitable adjective for 'freedom' in English. He also stated that it 
>is not possible to change the usage 'Free Software' as it is propogated by 
>FSF and GNU for a long time now. 
>These arguments are acceptable. 
Of course, without any doubt.

>However to convey it properly, the usage 'Free Software' should be accompany 
>with an explanation for that usage. 
The whole point is that there is little need to explain the correct and 
proper usage by the free software movement.  What is needed is  
curtailment of the abuse of the word "free" by proprietary software 

> After all, the messages conveyed does matter, not the words used.
When the words we use exactly fit and match our matter at hand, our joy 

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