[Fsf-friends] Legal Recourse

doxa@sancharnet.in doxa@sancharnet.in
Mon Nov 24 09:51:23 IST 2003

Since the "deal" involves a huge amount, I don't think press releases are enough. Those in power would do anything to get it on. Merely relying on "Opposition" to take up the case also would result in a lost case. 

When LDF took up the project with M$, it was MM Hassan who voiced against the move from the opposition benches. Now when MM Hassan's team is in power, Achuthanandan is trying to make noices. This cycle would continue. The case would have been different if the civil servants played a sensible role. They too are bothered about losing out on their commission. So why would this nexus try to shed all inhibitions, glory and money to cry for the common man? That would never happen.

I think we are now strong enough to plan a legal engagement. 

CK Raju

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