[Fsf-friends] Pitching free software directly before UN and other govt circles

Ramanraj K ramanraj@md4.vsnl.net.in
Thu Nov 20 18:49:20 IST 2003

Dear Mr. Eric Raymond,

You would be interested in the following postings at fsf-friends that 
centered around "free software" vs "open source" terminology:

http://gnu.org.in/pipermail/fsf-friends/2003-November/001238.html - I 
say "FLOSS" is meaningless.
http://gnu.org.in/pipermail/fsf-friends/2003-November/001239.html - RMS 
says "FLOSS" is neutral.
http://gnu.org.in/pipermail/fsf-friends/2003-November/001240.html - I 
say OSI is openly a pitch for marketing free software.
http://gnu.org.in/pipermail/fsf-friends/2003-November/001242.html - RMS 
says "open source" terminology is superficial.
http://gnu.org.in/pipermail/fsf-friends/2003-November/001244.html - I 
wrote why "open-source" cannot distinguish itself from proprietary 
software. Please see the table there. Then I suggest
http://gnu.org.in/pipermail/fsf-friends/2003-November/001245.html - 
International Free Software Treaty

Would you consider pitching "free software" directly before the UN and 
other government circles?

K. Ramanraj.

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