[Fsf-friends] Red Hat Fedora available on Asian mirror

Imran William Smith imran@imran.info
Fri Nov 7 00:33:44 IST 2003

If anybody is having trouble downloading RedHat
Fedora, the community side of the recent split in
the Red Hat product line, it is mirrored at AsiaOSC,
our mirror in Malaysia.

Download it here:

or read the full article here:

There seems to be a problem with many Red Hat mirrors -
it seems Red Hat has deliberately made Fedora outside
their normal ftp structure, to make it clear to the public
that it's not 'just another Red Hat release'.  The
downside of this is that all mirrors are likely to have
to edit their sync scripts, so the project will take
longer than usual to appear on mirrors.

Imran William Smith
imran@imran.info / iwsmith@mimos.my
Asian Open Source Centre, Malaysia

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