[Fsf-friends] BusinessWeek on Linux

Raj Mathur raju@linux-delhi.org
Tue, 25 Feb 2003 13:27:28 +0530


The BusinessWeek Online of March 3, 2003 has a large section devoted
to Linux:



The Linux Uprising
How a ragtag band of software geeks is threatening Sun and
Microsoft--and turning the computer world upside down

Pecked by Penguins
So far, Microsoft's attempts to counter the Linux threat have come up

Commentary: Tech Outfits Should Take Notes

Online Extra: The Big Guys Latch Onto Linux
As the startups struggle or burn out, heavyweights such as IBM, Dell,
Oracle, and HP are moving quickly to dominate this new market

Online Extra: Red Flags for Red Hat
Though the Linux sales-and-support outfit has seen strong recent
growth, some analysts think the stock is overvalued

Online Extra: Next from Open Source: Killer Apps?
Now, programmers are going beyond operating systems to build business
software products based on open code

Online Extra: Before Linux Is on Every Desktop...
...It's more likely to keep making greater strides in single-use
areas, such as cash registers, than in consumers' PCs

Online Extra: Sun: It's Not "Linux or Nothing"
CEO Scott McNealy answers those who say the free OS threatens his
Unix-based products: "A vote for Linux is a vote for Unix"

Online Extra: "Programmers Are Like Artists"
Linux expert Bruce Perens on the motives of people who work on
open-source software -- and the communities it creates

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