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In case any of you didn't yet reach here... FN


URL             :  http://www.ilug-margao.org

           [1]Welcome to India GNU/Linux Users Group--GOA-Margao=20

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   =B7[23]GUADEC 2003 to Attract Global Audience of GNOME Developers and
   =B7[24]Debian Weekly News - February 18th, 2003
   =B7[25]SuSE security updates to imp and mod_php4
   =B7[26]Asian Open Source Centre launched (Bioinformatics.org)
   =B7[27]OpenPKG security update to lynx
   =B7[28]WiFi Caravan to Prove Extreme Mobile Connectivity
   =B7[29]Sun Microsystems Laboratories Contributes XACML Security Standard
   =B7[30]OpenPKG security update to php, apache
   =B7[31]OpenPKG security update to w3m
   =B7[32]Gentoo Weekly Newsletter -- Volume 2, Issue 7
   [33]

                                   About Us

      Welcome! The Margao GNU/Linux User Group [MGLUG] is a non-profit
   organization. Margao GLUG's primary aim is to bring together GNU/Linux
      Users, enthusiasts and professionals so as to discuss and share
    various issues/ideas pertaining to GNU/Linux. We are a focused group
   of enthusiasts who want to promote the idea of GNU/Linux and encourage
    the use of [34]Free Software. Most of the MGLUG members are actively
    involved in the [35]Goa Schools Computer Project [GSCP]. Newbies who
   are planning to migrate to GNU/Linux need not worry as we will gladly
      provide you with a framework and try our best to answer all your
    queries. For more info, go through the meetings section. Enjoy your
             Please read the [36]disclaimer before continuing.

                                CD Library!


   The much awaited CD library is now in place. [38]Click here for a
   listing of the current GNU/Linux software available for sharing. For
   those of you ordering personal copies, we will try and process the
   order within 48hrs....

                 ....Tutorials have just been uploaded

   [49]announcements Tutorials which will help Newbies shift to
   Linux.....Dual Boot with Windows, Some Myths about linux..... Bash
   scripting and much much more...Just click on Tutorials
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