[Fsf-friends] Can we write a Free Textbook?

Suraj Kumar suraj@symonds.net
Sat, 15 Feb 2003 14:57:57 +0530

FN wrote on Sat, Feb 15, 2003 at 01:23:17PM +0530: 
| I would like to work  towards compiling a Free Textbook elaborating on
| how to use  GNU software in schools. It could be  modelled on the Free
| Encyclopedia  Project outlined elaborately  by RMS  (see the  book 'No
| Sir,  No  Monopoly:  Free  Software  --  A  Perspective',  Prajasakti,
| Hyderabad 2002).

we at FSUG-Chennai, (from the demo@schools program) are planning to do
the same. Already a few other FSUG members have join us in this effort
and  we  have  just  started  chalking out  various  books  and  their
contents.  The writing will  start at  full swing,  we just  need more
volunteers and a bit of planning. do join us.

I wrote some instructions that  could serve as some sort of guidelines
to you:


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