[Fsf-friends] Re: [PRC] Re: What can young Indian techies work on?

Ashutosh Naik a7ash@yahoo.com
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 08:14:17 -0800 (PST)

> > We need free Java replacement libraries.
I think this is really something that we hackers must
work on.. considering the fact that currently there
arent libraries under gnu which supoort a lot of
features on java.. If we cannot provide the gcc-java
programmers with the required libraries we could be
driving them away from free software, and forcing them
to use propreitory software, like sun-java..

Also, Could the GNu think of starting a certification
program( an equivalent to Sun-Certified java
programmer, for example) which could certify techies
on basis of their technical knowledge ?

>We need graphical apps for many jobs--see the GNU
>task list

Well, I m not pro-Windows, That would be the last
thing on my mind, But I do think that the Look-n-Feel
of Windows xp is quite good.. And Thats where they are
scoring over us.. They give a layman what exactly
captivates him "aesthetically". The Windows XP
products have been developed in such a way that the
user actually doesnt need to learn anything.. he can
automatically guess "whats next" So having a X-windows
application for almost every command=line utlity could
serve a dual purpose.. Of attracting "Freed" people to

GNU/linux.. And letting all those people use
GNU/linux.. Who want to use it just like any other
OS.. and do not want to know whats goin on behind the
scenes( And this section of the crowd is the largest)


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