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Wed, 12 Feb 2003 00:02:04 +0530 (IST)

India's first GNU/Linux magazine made it to the newsstands recently. The
first, inaugural February 2003 issue contains:
	  ON THE CD-------------------------------------------------
	* Knoppix with bundled software (Open Office, KOffice,
	  Mozilla Navigator, Mozilla Mail, Konqueror, GIMP, Ksnapshot
 	  (screen capture), XFig (geomatrical figure editor), 
	  QCAD (CAD software), XMMS (autio tool), games, KGeo and
	  KStars (educational), KDevelop (the "Linux cousin of VC++)

	  NEWS REPORTS----------------------------------------------
	* Axis (Mass., US) launches Linux system-on-a-chip
	* Hyper-threading can speed up Linux by 51 per cent
	  HT makes a single processor behave like two logical ones.
	* Hong Kong trio unveils Chinese GNU/Linux OS for mobile devices
	* Red Hat presepares GNU/Linux for technical workstations
	* Ark -- another distribution for the desktop "for the masses"
	* Linux ver 2.6 (kernel) by first half of 2003 	
	* Sony, Matsushita plan GNU/Linux audio-video software
	* Red Hat shifts to carrier-grade
	* New IP videophone features embedded GNU/Linux OS
	* Cellphone makers may go the GNU/Linux way too

	  INDIA NEWS------------------------------------------------
	* Font contest winners spurn Microsoft, go LGPL
	* GNU/Linux-based handhelds -- Simputer and Kaii from B'lore	
	* Let's make an 'apnalinux' -- creating one's own distro using
	  Anaconda, and tweaking a RedHat distribution (how-to guide)
	* VIA C3 800 MHz, 20GB HDD, 64MB Hynix RAM, Asus motherboard,
	  Aztec modem, FDD and headphones e-pc for Rs 11,990 and
	  above without monitor.
	* Cygsoft Inc's ManageIP -- network management solution
	  Free trial online at www.cygsoft.com
	* Intrusion detection software from nSecure www.nsecure.net
	* LG's GNU/Linux-based MY PC Rs 33,900 for basic model and
	  Rs 36,500 for the multimedia model (P4, 128MBRam, 40GB,
	  LG 15" monitor, LG 52XCDRom, optical mouse, keyboard, speakers)
	* LX50 server from Sun Microsystem
	* Mithi Software, Pune offers Connect Server for GNU/Linux.
	* Kalculate -- an Indian accounting package for GNU/Linux
	* TechnoInfosys brings GNU/Linux-based net management system
	  Check www.technoinfosys.com This comes from Navi Mumbai.
	* Storage strategy software for GNU/Linux from Veritas, Delhi
	* Website (Kerala) offers Dodobase, instant web catalog
	  publishing product. www.websight-tech.com
	* Star Office 6.0, Sun Microsystem's affordable software...
	* Bicnet offers eBiz integrated solution (pre-sales
	  management, sales catalogue, shopping cart, auction floor,
	  general ledger and financial accounting, inventory,
	  e-recruitment, customer relationship mgt) www.bicserve.com
	* Rolta's security and messaging products for Indian corporate
	  networks www.rolta.com
	* Octopus (Mumbai) offers complete enterprise mgt solution
	* E-mail manager from Data Impex (Delhi)
	* RTLinux gains support in India
	* Indian govt's move to "let in [GNU]Linux"

	* GNU/Linux@Home -- it can coexist with Windows
	* KDE's KOffice -- an office suite that delivers
	* GNU/Linux certification -- The right choice?
	* Introducing RedHat 8.0
	* SCO Linux 4.0
	* Websites that offer more info on GNU/Linux (www.tldp.org
     	  The Linux Documentation Project, www.linuxlinks.com,
	  www.linux.org, www.redhat.com, www.linux-india.org)
	* What's Knoppix?
	* Knoppix -- software bounty
	* Guide to running Knoppix
	* Shape and trim your Linux kernel	
	* Red Hat's installation blues
	* Ten tips to make your life easier
	* What is a diskless PC?
	* Developer's basics: A world of shells...
	* Penguin programmer (developers basics)
	* Overview of GNU/Linux for the embedded appln developer
	* "Govt must declare [GNU]Linux the official OF of
	  India," Sudhir Gandotra, CEO Indserve InfoTech
	* Is [GNU]Linux good for government?
	* Linux TCO -- a bitter harvest?
	* Penguin soup is the soul of IS managers	
	* GNUCorner: Open Source -- a brief journey through its times
	  (Err... could someone explain what GNU has to do with
	  Open Source? Wasn't one trying to get away from the other?FN)

	* CERTIFICATION: Linux-based products, tested and tried by
	  LFY Lab, will earn the 'Linux Friendly' certification.
	  Other common IT products that work without any hassles
	  to get a 'Tested OK' mark.
	* EDITORIAL: Initial discussions about LINUX For You raised
	  a few eyebrows, accompanied by soul-searching questions...
	  Key question -- why a magazine on [GNU]Linux? (Many times
	  accompanied by -- are you going anti-Microsoft?)

Pay Rs 50 (that's the cost, including the CD) and see if you like
it. Don't forget to send in your suggestions to

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