[Fsf-friends] Bribing to be a Business Partner

CK Raju ckraju@zyberway.com
Sat, 8 Feb 2003 20:57:35 -0500

Going by the statements from Kamal Pal ( kamalpal@vsnl.com) of West Benga=
who has designed a GIS application on his own, the just revealed trend of=
corporates to sneak into the Government machinery with offers of a=20
'business partner'  if Mr Kamal Pal withheld the development of the=20
application, and its release to the Govt of India, appears to be quite=20

Requesting our journalists to get in touch with Shri Kamal Pal to dig out=
further details. If corroborated by Kamal Pal in public,=20
this news can turn out to  have huge ramifications elsewhere.

CK Raju