[Fsf-friends] Re: [FSF-WG] Does this sound like a good idea?

V. Sasi Kumar vsasi@vsnl.com
01 Feb 2003 17:12:53 +0530

On Thu, 2003-01-30 at 22:30, Arun M wrote:
> > > The suggestion was:
> > > - to create and publish a CD full of *Free Software for Windows*,
> > > - add appropriate articles, advocacy materials, books, documents
> > > - make that CD available as ISO
> > > - and to get a limited number of CDs printed and distributed/sold
> > > India,
> > > - use the proceeds for whatever FSF India deems useful
> How will this project be different from other efforts like GNUWin,
> Free Software for windows, OpenCD etc ?
> (I see that making CDs and distributing is a good amount of work).
I think it may be a good idea to collect the kind of applications, like
OpenOffice, Gnumeric, The Gimp, Sketch, Scribus, Lyx and so on, that
most people use and that can run under Windows, put them together with a
good installation interface where the user can select the applications
he wants, and put a lot of our messages onto the screen as the installer
runs. The CD could contain other stuff that the user can read, if he is
so inclined. Maybe this would involve quite a bit of work, but may be
worth the while.