[Fsf-friends] Linux article in Hindustan Times

Raju Mathur raju@linux-delhi.org
Mon, 28 Oct 2002 11:57:34 +0530

Apart from Niyam Bhushan's trouble-shooting column, which tells how to
make an EPABX or KTS system using Linux and talks about scanning in
Open Office, today's Hindustan Times (2002-10-28) carries a largish
article on Linux in the Tech4U (sic!) section, page 15.

The article, titled `Linux looks at a window of opportunity', is
written by Nina Mehta.

Starting off with a couple of paragraphs about the growing popularity
of Linux, the article moves on to briefly describing the history and
advantages of Linux and open source.  It points out that `governments
all over the world have started adopting Linux as the preferred
desktop OS' and cites the UK police department and the Government of
Kerala as examples (no details).

Quoting various people such as RMS, Michael Robertson (CEO of
Lindows), Arindam Bose (IT head of LG India) and Javed Tapia
(Director, RH India) the article describes how Linux is free (as in
beer), more stable than Windows and as user friendly.  The article
concludes with the line, `With such a cheap OS option available, PC
makers may now have to aske their customers a question Microsoft would
be mortified to hear: "Windows or Linux".'

The online text of the article is at:

Niyam's question-answer column is at:

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