[Fsf-friends] e-Governance

CK Raju ckra@vsnl.net
Sun, 27 Oct 2002 16:38:47 +0530

> Could you please explain why you are not using the term 'Free Software'
> here? Then where you are going to use 'Free Software" terminology?

To a economist, I would rather try and expose limitations of closed source 
technologies, so that he can agree that a debate would be healthy.

You will agree here that forcing a debate is the first step, especially when 
a decision has already been taken. Moreover I didn't want to confuse the 
audience with 'free software' and 'freeware/shareware' and then get into 
clarifying on how something can be free, so on and so forth.

In the limited time, I felt it prudent to attack closed source technologies 
than propagate freedom. That can be done only as a second step. If he takes a 
capitalist view, then I will have to again tell him, that capitalist markets 
have adopted 'free software' ....

The issues are endless and has every opportunity to divert their attention.

Elaborated, as I thought my first reply was too short.
CK Raju